Hi there, thanks for visiting! My name is Nora, an illustrator and designer based in the UK. I got my BA (hons) in Illustration from the University of Lincoln in 2017, and now I'm in Leicester working freelance.
I use a range of media, mostly pencil, watercolour and digital, to produce work that is lighthearted and full of colour. I also work with design companies, producing illustrations, storyboard work, scamps and logo design for big brands. These are mainly utilised as an engaging means of communicating ideas. Due to confidentiality I can't share this work on my website, but if you're curious about it please drop me an email and I'll send you a portfolio of this work!
Selected Clients:
Hain Daniels (Hartley's, Sunpat, Linda McCartney's etc) 
Mars Wrigley
Allied Bakery